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Tony Robbins knows money.
And he knows how to build wealth. And he knows how to create financial freedom.

Tony Robbins doesn’t just share from his own experience. He has the benefit of helping thousands of people master money, master wealth, and build financial freedom.
He also learns from the best of the best and distills it into proven practices for mastering wealth.

In his seminar on Financial Freedom: 3 Steps to Creating and Enjoying the Wealth You Deserve, Tony Robbins shares key insights into how you can master wealth and create your financial freedom.

Start with Psychology

Tony Robbins says that when it comes to building wealth, you need to start with psychology.

He could start with mechanics, but even with the best mechanics, you can still fail. You need the emotional or psychological strength to carry you through, when the mechanics don’t work, or the mechanics get boring, or you run into setbacks.

Tony Robbins says:

“The more you can cultivate that sense of wealth, that sense of abundance in you, the more you can feel that sense of joy, the easier it’s going to be for you to do financially.

Because you’re not going to be in this scared, fearful mode.

Now that’s not enough by itself.

Tony Robbins Motivation

You can have this great sense of abundance and do the wrong mechanics, and be a disaster.”

What Does Wealth Mean to You?

The seminar starts with a very simple question:

“What does wealth mean to you?”

Does wealth mean freedom from ever worrying about money again? Does wealth mean the ability to do things you want to do when you want to do them? Does wealth mean being able to comfortably provide for your family and loved ones, or the power to create a legacy of which you can always be proud?

Wealth vs. Financial Freedom

Tony Robbins makes a distinction between wealth and financial freedom.

He says that wealth is a sense of abundance. It comes from building an attitude of gratitude. Without building a sense of wealth, and a sense of joy, you will never achieve financial independence.

Financial independence is being in that position where you don’t ever have to work again. That if you work, you do it because you really want to.

Tony Robbins warns us that if you get financial independence and you don’t work, you’ll be miserable. He’s seen it time and again from millionaires to billionaires.

Cultivate a Sense of Wealth

Wealth is a state of mind, where you feel a sense of abundance, a sense of joy, and your life is rich.

You need this sense of wealth so that when times get tough, you can still make the right choices, choose the right strategies, and stick with it through the rough patches.

Tony Robbins says:
“You want to have the emotional and psychological strength because that’s going to carry you when the mechanics are boring or frustrating, or when things aren’t working out. Your emotion, your psychology is what will carry you. It will get you to keep doing it.

Whatever shows up, you are larger than anything that can happen to you. You are large than any financial challenge you will ever face.

The true history could guide you to know you can get through this and not let you get overwhelmed by the moment.”

Get Grateful

The key to building wealth is building an attitude of gratitude.

Tony Robbins reminds us how we can build this attitude of gratitude by appreciating all the things in life that we already have:

“Gratitude can put you in that sense of wealth.
It’s your identity, the way you define the wealth, determines whether you are wealthy or not.

Are there enough things for you, knowing that two-thirds of the planet lives on $2 a day, that you could get yourself to really feel grateful?

How much of your life do you get benefits from today that you never had to create?

The roads you ride on …
The library, the books you didn’t have to write…
The Internet that you an access in seconds and get answers to anything
The people in your life that you didn’t have to raise that are there for you
Think about all the different aspects of your life. If you want to be wealthy all you have to do is associate.”

Money Can’t Buy Fulfillment

Work can bring you fulfillment in ways that money can’t. Tony Robbins has seen a number of people, sell their business, make a lot of money, and then become miserable.

Tony Robbins shares a story of one such friend:
“The vehicle of his business gave him a sense of contribution and he was always growing, figuring out how to solve problems and he had all the people he was connected to in the business, all the employees and friends and associates, and he was significant because he was doing something worthwhile, and he had tremendous certainty because he knew the business, and also variety because it’s always changing.

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